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Hi, I’m Matthew Volkwyn

I love to write. I love chess. And I love learning languages.

In my leisure time, I help coaches make millions from their email list. 

And I help copywriters 2-3x their income working half the time.

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    What Others Are Saying

    Matt is one of a kind, his stuff is so damn good.

    Listen I got a (now) 8- figure client, with high expectations.

    We used what Matt told us and it sped up our writing, pretty much doubled our email revenue in a month (50k-100k) and even our posts got better…

    We scaled so quickly that the sales team now has to hire 50 new salespeople to handle the leads and they’re so qualified, 50 % close on the first call. (We went from 6- figures to 8- figures in less than 6 months)

    This man knows his stuff but he’s super humble about it.

    No matter if he’s teaching you, your team or is writing himself, you’ll get top-notch quality that brings results.

    Thank you Matt!

    Adam Nassor

    A-List Copywriter

    Having Matthew as a coach/mentor has been monumental for me.

    I learned so much from him and generated incredible results for my clients.

    I’ve known Matthew for almost two years now and I completely trust his judgment and advice, as the outcome is always positive.

    Quentin Le Bosser

    Real Estate Copywriter

    Matthew genuinely goes deep and puts himself in the audiences shoes to really hone in on the right messaging.

    I couldn’t make a more stellar recommendation. 1 billion percent Matthew is a grade A, awesome copywriter.

    Gabriel Saldarriaga

    CRO at Dan Lok Companies

    Before working with Matt I had very little copywriting experience. All I knew was this is something I wanted!

    Fast forward 2 months later, I’ve already landed my first client!

    Working with Matt has been a game-changer for me.

    I’m able to take on clients I would have otherwise said no to.

    One thing I appreciate about Matt is he’s not just about business and making money.

    He genuinely wants to help people succeed. And that definitely shows in the way he teaches.

    Jesse Scott

    Email Copywriter

    What Matthew teaches has helped me increase my writing speed beyond belief. I have more confidence in my ideas and can serve my clients better than ever before!

    Lisa Nassor

    Direct Response Copywriter & Marketer

    Thanks Matt!

    Dan Martell

    Founder of SaaS Academy

    Matthew is a full-on marketing & copy wizard, seriously.

    I’ve worked & trained under some of the best copywriters & marketers in the world, yet Matthew’s teachings have impacted me the most.

    Matthew has made marketing SIMPLE for me.

    And in a world filled with shiny tactics & massive overwhelm, that’s been invaluable for me.

    He has not only helped me write 2x faster, but also feel confident in my skills.

    It’s amazing to take on a new client (in a new niche), and know for sure that my copy is going to deliver results.

    He’s also a great person who’ll do anything to help you succeed. You definitely want Matthew in your corner!

    Jyry Korkatti

    A-List Copywriter

    Matt has helped me level up my copy (not just email!) easily by 10x.

    Every week he has something new to share and the lessons blow my mind.

    On a 121 level, he’s generous with his time, support, and advice.

    I’m amazed how much he knows – he always has the answer.

    I’m lucky to have him as a coach and a mentor and would recommend him without hesitation to any copywriter looking to take their skills to the next level.

    Tom Mitchell

    Sales Copywriter For B2B SaaS Companies

    I didn’t know what the heck I was doing with my copy. It felt like I was writing copy with a blindfold on…

    Until I started working with Matthew. He gave me personal critique and worked with me on my specific challenges.

    Matthew has helped me go from writing average copy to writing strong copy.

    And just a few weeks ago a recent email of mine got close to a 50% CTR!

    If you want to take your copywriting game to the next level where your clients tell you: “I want more copy!”…

    You should 100% work with Matthew.

    Johnny Kam

    Email Copywriter

    Matt helped us with an email campaign and I would say he was great to work with, understood very quickly key issues and what our messaging should be and quite quickly in fact put together a new email campaign.

    And in the short time we’ve been running it has already more than doubled our conversion.

    Highly recommend Matt, he’s a pleasure to work with.

    Mark Kaufmann

    CEO and Co-founder of LingQ

    Matthew Is the real deal!

    His focused approach on the mindset and skills required to be a copywriter is spot on and you can actually feel the passion this guy has for teaching.

    His methods helped me focus on what I needed for my career but didn’t know how to achieve, probably the best investment I’ve ever made.

    Pierluigi Gatti

    Email Copywriter For Forbes Riley

    Before I worked with Matthew, I was struggling to reach the 6 figure mark by myself as a copywriter. I didn’t have clarity on the most efficient path forward.

    After working with him, my copy has transformed. My copy converts. My mindset also evolved. And now I’m 100% clear on the path forward. Life is good.

    If you’re a copywriter who is alone and struggling to hit your goals, work with Matt. Simple.

    Ervin Ang

    Copywriter For Business Coaches

    Within one coaching call, Matthew helped me have a HUGE mindset shift that I truly feel shaved YEARS off my learning curve.

    His meticulous understanding of emails, human emotion, and coming up with big ideas is something surreal – literally feels like marketing magic.

    Ashley KitCat

    Email Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

    Matt gave me a blueprint to pump out more effective copy in half the time.

    His teachings will radically transform your copywriting career.

    His approach is brilliant…

    He has incredible tricks up his sleeve…

    And he’s a phenomenal coach.

    Plus, he genuinely cares about his students!

    He’s a guy I’ll invite to my home for dinner with my family. 😉

    I guarantee if you apply what he teaches – you’ll EASILY make your investment back 10X.

    So if you’re looking for a super fast way to get good at email sales copy…

    Matt’s your guy.

    Nicholas Saputra

    Email Copywriter For Business Coaches

    I was fortunate to learn copywriting from Matthew. He’s a great copywriter and teacher.

    He’s able to teach advanced concepts in a way that is simple and easy to understand. He’s always providing value and doesn’t hold anything back.

    You can’t go wrong with Matthew’s copywriting. I’m grateful to be part of the journey and looking to learn more from him.

    Vincent Tandiono

    Copywriter And Digital Marketer

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